The information provided in this website is to used as a guide. No plant is promoted  in preference to another. All information given by staff is believed to be correct and provided through our experience in growing the plants here in our yards and local knowledge of Perth conditions and given in good faith without prejudice. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, cost or damage by reason of negligence or otherwise resulting from information provided in this website. The information is updated on a weekly basis but as stock levels can change on a daily basis due to large wholesale orders received suddenly, stock levels can not always be guaranteed. We always endeavour to keep this website updated as best as humanly possible. Plants shown on sale in our Television advertisements are available while stocks last. No rainchecks.

Plant information should only be used as a indicator, suggestion or recommendation. Maximum heights and growing conditions cannot be guaranteed as plants are living things. Pictures of stock are true at time of printing and are a close match to the stock you see but we must emphasis that each plant is unique and variations will occur from plant to plant and crop to crop. Colours of plants on labels are as close as possible but due to printing may not be exact as the specimen in front of you.

All sales are strictly from the nursery sales area only and no admittance to the growing yards is permitted. No plant will be accepted back under any circumstances if it has been taken out of the pot as this is against accreditation rules. We do not have a refund or return policy, so please select carefully. Permission might only be granted with the Managers approval with receipt, same day return and plant not taken out of pot.

Please note, plants can have many names, a botanical name, a trade name and a common name and names can vary from what they are called between regions or countries. For example, there has been three different species of plants that are commonly called Butterfly bush so it may be hard for staff to identify the plant you are thinking of as they may know it as something else. Some names can be confusing like Nandina Domestica – Sacred Bamboo, which is not a bamboo but gets its name because it’s foliage looks like bamboo!

If not currently in stock, pictures and information is displayed for illustration purposes only. Mention of trade names does not imply endorsement or preference of any companys products by Landsdale Plants. Recommendations are current at the time of preparation of this publication. Chemicals must be used in accordance with instructions on the label.

We issue Gift vouchers. They are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and can be for any amount.

Help us, help the environment, by recycling newspapers and plastic bags. We have supplied 2 bins in the shop for people to drop in any papers or bags to be recycled. Newspapers, customers use as boot liners and the bags to carry plants in.

No dogs are allowed on the nursery. Small dogs may be carried but permission from staff must be granted first.