How we Started


Over 30 years ago the owners of Landsdale plants lived in the hills surrounding Perth. The family had a interest in gardening, plant growing, propagating, and grafting of plants, all done at their property and then they sold their plants at local markets.  Finding the water from their local dam was salty and the hot dry easterly winds made growing difficult,  as their hobby grew they began looking around for land that was more fertile and warmer and where the water was cleaner.  They found suitable land and purchased 5 acres in Landsdale.

The Company now consists of between 20-30 staff depending on the season. Full-time, Part-time, causal workers and backpackers of all ages and nationalities work alongside the owners who actively participate in the business still and oversee the 7 days a week trading Mart. Six of the current staff have worked for the business for over 15 years each adding a wealth of experience. There is a seeding team, a propagating team, paddock staff, potting shed workers, retail staff,  driver and wholesale sales staff who each help contribute to the success of the company, which now encompasses 60 acres of land that they grow plants on. Celebrity gardener Don Burke once called Landsdale Plants the best-value nursery in Perth. Fast turn-over at fair prices means the plants are replaced straight away from the paddocks to the nursery so stock is fresh on a daily basis.

The latest technology and equipment is used. They have their own potting machinery so can buy soils in bulk and bag them onsite ensuring more reasonable priced products to the public. Tissue culture is used to produce alot of their plants now days.

From the once rural setting which had large blocks, market gardens and horse stables when they first moved in, expansion of the surrounding area and new land developments has made it now necessary to relocate. Land has been purchased on Alexander Drive, not too far from our present site making it easier for our loyal customers, not having to travel much further. The much anticipated Garden Mart will be large and modern and will be a pleasant atmosphere for shopping and browsing. The uniquely designed building stands out with its stunning stonework. It will house a cafe, pot shed, areas for outdoor furniture, a cool area outside with large shady trees, landscaped gardens, cobbled paths, aggregate pavers, grassed area, fountains, a Japanese Tea house, wooden bridge over a large koi fish pond, seating, large pathways for trolleys, air conditioned main area, more checkouts, toilets, disabled parking and a 200 bay car park. We aim to have the new Nursery open for business in 2015New nursery