Dogs Digging in the Garden

HELP STOP DOGS DIGGING IN THE GARDEN!! Unfortunately its a natural thing for a dog to want to do!! Certain breeds are more likely to dig than others anyway.

  • Dogs that were breed for certain jobs,  they have lots of energy and are classed as working dogs  e.g  Heelers for herding on farms, Terriers looking for food, Beagles for sniffing out drugs, Retrievers for sports like duck season and Hounds for hunting  already have that instinct in them and can’t help but have that digging tendency even when they are just your family pet in the backyard.

Some of the reasons dogs dig are listed below:

  • Boredom
  • To escape
  • Playing
  • Temperatures , to cool down or keep warm
  • Hunting or foraging for food
  • Using up energy
  • Prolonged confinement
  • Hiding  and burying food/bones for later
  • Separation anxiety
  • Smell the scent of another animal
  • Making a soft, comfortable resting spot
  • Entertainment and satisfaction
  • Shelter
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Some suggestions to help prevent dogs from digging are:

  1. Some dogs hate the smell of their own droppings so its been said that placing their deposits in the holes they dig, turns them off digging there
  2. Bury a small inflated balloon either with air or water inside and cover with dirt where they are digging and it will scare them off when it pops
  3. Place peeled citrus skin around the area as some dislike the smell of orange, lemon and grapefruit. Test their reaction first by squeezing juice on your hand
  4. Get rid of any rodent problems around the house i.e rats, mice, possums, rabbits as they smell them and chase them
  5. Remove any attractive smells to dogs  i.e old uneaten food, old bones left around, bird seed, fertilisers, rubbish, cover compost areas, clean up dog poo
  6. Place a sprinkler or hose close to the area and when you catch the dog digging quickly squirt water on with a strong pressure to scare them off
  7. Tire them out by taking them out for lots of walks, playing with them, leaving lots of toys to play with and kongs with treats inside to keep them busy
  8. You can buy commercial products like…Skedaddle, Keep Off or Scat that you sprinkle around, the smell is meant to turn them away
  9. Give them their own digging area like a sandpit and encourage them to bury in there. Hide treats in there for them so they know its Ok to dig in that spot
  10. Try not to let dogs see you digging as they will copy. They love freshly dug earth and want to help you in the garden and dig with you!
  11. See where they have buried the bones and dig them up when they are not looking and dispose of them then fill the hole up again
  12. Bury chicken wire underneath or near the surface of the dirt, they won’t like the feel under their feet when they try and dig
  13. Fill the area with rocks, partially buried and on top, long flat rocks or heavy jagged rocks work well as they are harder for them to move aside
  14. A remote electronic training collar has been known to be effective at times. it gives them a negative reaction to digging and barking
  15. Training is effective. If you are home when the dog starts digging, your loud, strong voice of NO should stop them in their tracks till they understand
  16. Fence the area off. If they keep trying to dig up your freshly planted flowers or veges , they will get to know that area is out of bounds
  17. Using strong smelling products scattered around the area i.e Coffee grains, Pepper, Chilli orCapsicum spray and Citronella they are all non-toxic.
  18. Pave areas instead of lawn and garden if the problem is becoming too much
  19. Vinegar mixed with water and sprayed around the house and garden or old rags soaked in vinegar strategically hidden around the yard
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    Fencing areas off, keeps dogs out of gardens where they continually dig