RIP Missy the cat

We have happy memories of her and I know many people will be asking where she is and a few have tears in their eyes when we tell them she is no longer here.

She had an affectionate nature and was often seen sitting on childrens laps or draped around someones shoulders. She had her favourite spots to sit in, when she was younger she always sat at the front counter to welcome customers! Or lazing in the sun on the bags of Potting Mix out the front. In winter she would curl up on her rug and bed inside the shop but always welcomed a pat. She also had the run of the Garden Centre and was allowed to sit on top of any plants she liked to keep cool, or thinking she owned the place would plonk herself in the middle of the doorway refusing to move (although she did get deaf in later years) and customers would have to negotiate trolleys around her! She was very pampered by staff and often had an ice-cream on a hot day.

She originally came to us after the owner of Landsdale Plants (a lover of animals) had been asked by the local vet if she knew of a good home for a cat that had been mistreated and homeless. The vet had nursed her back to health after she had been handed into him, so Missy (who was named because she had part of her ear missing) came to a new caring home.

She lived a happy and contented life here and will be sadly missed by everyone.

iphone 125Sadly we pass on to all our customers the sad news that our dear, friendly, black and white, Garden Centre resident cat, Missy passed away on the 8th January 2013. She was 18 years young. Fondly loved and missed by the owners, staff and customers.

A memorial cross has been put in the nursery in one of her favourite resting spots under the shade of the big tree on the brick wall behind the seedlings.

PA290515 PA290518Long jpg photo