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Acacia Winter Flame (Acacia cognata 'Winter Flame')

A hardy, upright, dwarf native shrub which features vibrant, green fine foliage and eye catching orange tips. When mature it becomes a compact specimen. Low maintenance plant.Read More >

Acmena Allyn Magic (Acmena Allyn Magic)

An outstanding and very compact Acmena variety. This evergreen plant features colourful foliage with flushes of new growth throughout all seasons of the year and is a psyllid free Lilly Pilly.Read More >

Acmena Cherry Surprise (Acmena (Syzygium) smithii minor 'Cherry Surprise')

Small bushy evergreen native shrub which produces bright cherry red new growth throughout all seasons of the year and is pysllid resistant.Read More >

Agapanthus Peter Pan (Agapanthus 'Peter Pan')

An evergreen dwarf, clump forming, perennial with attractive green strap like leaves. During summer produces heads of beautiful lavender blue flowers on medium spikes.Read More >

Agave (Agave attenuata)

A hardy succulent plant that forms tight rosettes of pale green/grey fleshy, strappy, pointed leaves. A long arched flower spike may appear in older plants. An old fashioned favourite which has now come back into popularity with our water restrictions, because it is low maintenance and for its striking architectural look. They are ideally suited to desert conditions thus do well in our hot WA summers. Native to America and Mexico. The leaves are great water storers with a waxy coating to prevent transpiration. We have a nice new variety in sometimes, which has cream edging, very attractive as seen on the last picture shown aboveRead More >

Albany Woolly Bush – dwarf (Adenanthos sericeus dwarf Albany Woolly Bush)

A compact, evergreen, Native shrub, with interesting grey-green foliage and a neat habit. It bears vibrant orange flowers. Very attractive to birds.Read More >

Bromeliad – variegated (Aechmea Gamosepala)

An evergreen, variegated variety of Bromeliad called Lucky Stripes or Matchstick, this exotic, tropical plant is classed as semi-epiphytic which means it can be attached to a tree trunk, driftwood or bark. Also it can just be planted in a container or even in the ground. It clumps, can be divided and spreads by runners from the mother plant. It produces fabulous looking flower blooms, in colours of Pink and Purple which look like coloured matchsticks along the stem, hence its nick name. The flowers last a long time which are then followed by ornamental berries. The foliage is green with outer margins of cream/lemon and the foliage is wide and slender. Native to Argentina and Brazil.Read More >

Dwarf Willow Myrtle (Agonis flexuosa Nana)

A green rounded shrub with attractive red new growth. Small white flowers are produced in summer. Australian native.Read More >

Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos)

Bird attracting Australian native plant. The flower stems produce a large number of blooms that hold their colour over many months. Expect peak flowering from Spring to early Summer with a secondary flush in Autumn. They come in a great range of colours, from Yellow, Gold, Pink, Orange, Red, Green and Black, with tall and dwarf varieties grown. In the Bush Gem range we grow Bush Blitz - orange/burgundy, Bush Gold - yellow, Bush Dance - Red/Green, Bush Bonanza - Yellow, Bush Diamond - White, Bush Pizzazz - Deep Magenta, Bush Pearl - Pink, Bush Tenacity - Orange, Bush Elegance - Deep Burgundy, Bush Endeavour - Red, Bush Inferno - Red, Bush Fling - Orange, Bush Spark -deep Orange, Bush Ranger - Bright Red and Bush Ballad - small Red. The taller variety Tango produces a profusion of bright orange, velvety flowers. Bush Revolution is also tall growing to 1.6m high by 1.5m wide and is also orange with strong upright foliage, has a high disease tolerance and vivid long lived flower colour. All flowers grow above lush green clumps of long strappy foliage. Flavidis we grow in 2 colours, the origional Yellow/Green/Brown and a Red.Read More >

New Zealand Rock Lily (Arthropodium cirratum)

An attractive, evergreen, hardy perennial originally from New Zealand, with clumps of broad, green, strap-like foliage which has a blue hue and from late Spring through to mid Summer it has clusters of white/cream star-shaped flowers which are borne upon long airy stems above the foliage. Foliage looks good all year round. Also known as NZ Rock Lily or Renga lilies. Flower heads are short but large. We also grow at times 3 different varieties of Arthropodium, one is called White Knight, which has white/purple/yellow wispy starry flowers, its leaves are broad and shiny, taller and has more slender stems. Another variety is called Te Puna which is a dainty, dwarf rock lily with white flowers and also Matapouri Bay which has soft pink buds that open to white star shaped flowers.Read More >

Princess Lilies (Alstromeria)

Also known as the Peruvian lily or Inca lily these plants are from Sth America origionally.They are an exotic stunning flower popular in bouquets or as cut flowers in a vase. The colours range from pink, lavender, purple, white, yellow, red and orange. They flower mostly in spring and summer. Multiply and spread slowly by underground rhizome like tubers. Have soft green foliage till the end of the season when they go into dormancy. Dome shaped.Read More >