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Carex Everest (Carex oshimensis)

An ornamental grass which is low maintenance and stylish with its green/white coloured leaves that gently cascade.Read More >

Carex Evergreen (Carex pshimensis 'Evergreen')

Carex Evergreen is a stylish, low growing, mounded grass which is easy to grow, is reliable and low maintenance. It is a lush, green, ornamental grass with a weeping habit.Read More >

Carex Everillo (Carex oshimensis Everillo)

An ornamental mounded grass with golden lime green foliage. Low maintenance plant.Read More >

Carex Everoro (Carex oshimensis Everoro)

An ornamental grass that provides a colourful display of variegated foliage that naturally cascades. Its leaves are green and gold striped. It has a mounded habit and is very hardy, tolerating dry and saturated conditions. provides all year round colour in both sun and shade.Read More >

Citrus Trees (Citrus Trees)

We have a selection of Citrus trees all year round. Most of our Citrus are 2 years old and around a metre tall, sometimes we can obtain larger trees that are 5 years old also. Please call the Garden Centre to check availability, as they sell out so quickly. We carry large growing fruit trees, dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. Lemons, Mandarins, Oranges, Grapefruit, Limes, Cumquats, and Lemonade are very popular. We are able to source some unusual varieties at times too like Blood Orange, Limoncello, Pummelo,  Kusaie Lime, Finger Limes, Sunrise Limes, Buddhas Hand and Orange Pineapple. They are evergreen and have scented flowers producing a beautiful fragrance.Read More >

Clivia (Clivia miniata)

This South African bulb produces strap-like, dark green leaves, is clumping and evergreen, producing beautiful heads of flowers in Winter. Reliable and easy to grow. Most common colour is Orange but Lemon, Scarlet and White flowers are also known. They thrive in shady conditions.Read More >

Coprosma Middlemore (Coprosma Middlemore)

A very hardy, versatile plant with small, rounded, glossy, green leaves. A compact, bushy variety of Coprosma, which is native to New Zealand. It is evergreen and easy to grow.Read More >

Cordyline dwarf – Green Star (Cordyline australis hybrid)

This beautiful dwarf Cordyline displays glossy green, strap-like foliage that weeps slightly as it matures. It can produce scented cream blooms above the foliage at times. A popular architectural plant.Read More >

Cordyline Electric Flash (Cordyline banksii Electric Flash)

This variety of Cordyline has long, upright, slightly arching, pointed leaves of creamy green with a chocolate stripe. It doesn't develop a bare single stem trunk like alot of other Cordylines and instead tends to develop side shoots that make it denser. Can produce a cream flower. It is compact and clumps.Read More >

Cordyline Electric pink (Cordyline banksii Electric Pink)

Electric Pink is an evergreen variety of Cordyline with long upright pointed leaves clumping from the base. Featuring elegant, broad, bronze/purple coloured leaves with bright pink streaks. It generates multiple shoots to form a cluster of brightly coloured leaves. Low maintenance plant.Read More >

Cordyline Electric Star (Cordyline banksii - Electric Star)

Another stunning new colour variation of Cordyline, with this one having bright green and chocolate striped foliage. It produces multiple shoots to form a clump of long, upright, pointed strappy leaves.Read More >

Cordyline Torbay Dazzler (Cordyline australis Torbay Dazzler)

An evergreen palm-like sub tropical tree with an upright habit. Origionally from New Zealand. It can produce fragrant white flowers in spring with age and can also produce several heads over the years. It has green strap leaves with a strong cream variegation and a pinkish midline on new leavesRead More >

Cousin It (Casuarina Glauca)

Cousin It is an unusual and extremely tough native ground cover featuring fascinating glaucous green, leafless stems. Cousin it has a spreading cascading habit that makes it perfect for harsh growing conditions where it can grow over unsightly pipes, stumps or any ground obstable with style.Read More >

Crowea Ryans Star (Crowea exalata)

Attractive Australian native shrub, evergreen and perennial, this small rounded shrub has narrow dark green foliage and waxy, pretty pink, star shaped flowers for many months. Frost hardy, tolerates salt spray and easy maintenance plant.Read More >

Perennial Petunia (Calibrachoa)

A trailing petunia coming in many colours like violet, blue, pink,red, magenta, yellow, bronze and white. A tender perennial native to Sth America, sometimes called Million Bells as they have lots of small bell like flowers that resemble minature petunias. Blooms from Spring through summer into Autumn. There is also available now a double flower in mauve.Read More >