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Diosma (Coleonema pulchrum )

An easy care shrub for the garden bred to withstand the harsh Australian sun. Masses of star-shaped flowers cover the bush for 8-10 weeks in late Winter and Spring. Does not harm pipes or paths. Fragrant flowers and foliage. It is native to the Cape Province of South Africa. There are various types, White, Pink and Red flowering and Green, Gold or Lemon foliaged.Read More >

Dracaena (Dracaena )

Dracaenas are trees or shrubs with fleshy cane-like stems and trunks bearing a crown of glossy strap-like leaves. leaves are of varying appearance and can be highly coloured, spotted or striped. Foliage is near vertical with narrow pointed leaves, it comes in many varieties. Marginata is the most common its mainly green with red/purple stripes on the outer edge. Colourama and Tri-colour are also available in WA. Is one of a group of plants that can be used inside as a plant air cleaner to remove pollutantsRead More >

Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco)

A hardy sub tropical tree from the Canary Islands. It has succulent straplike pointed leaves, a thick grey smooth trunk and blue-green foliage. It is slow growing and once it reaches its full height is capable of flowering. The flowers are insignificant followed by orange berries. The oldest known dragon tree is approx 650 years oldRead More >