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Gardenia Florida (Gardenia augusta Florida)

An evergreen shrub well loved for its wonderful perfumed flowers. This variety produces large, double, milky white flowers above dark green glossy foliage. The flowers arrive early spring and stay over the warmer months.Read More >

Gardenia Golden Magic (Gardenia augusta Magnifica Golden Magic)

This variety of Gardenia has dark green, glossy leaves like other varieties of Gardenia we stock but the difference is in the flowers, which, have large, double blooms and with age go from White to Cream to Yellow. The flowers are heavily perfumed from Spring through the warmer months.Read More >

Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

A popular drought hardy palm which is easy to grow. Can be used around pools to give a tropical touch. It is a clustering palm with up to about a dozen golden coloured trunks but no main trunk.Read More >

Pencil Pine Gold (Cupressus sempervirens "Swanes Golden")

A slow growing narrow erect conifer with foliage flecked golden yellow with deeper golden tipsRead More >