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Liriope Mauve Mojito (Liriope Mauve Mojito)

An evergreen, spreading perennial grass that form clumps of glossy green foliage. In Summer it produces clusters of pale mauve flowers. Frost hardy and another new release of popular the Liriope family.Read More >

Liriope variegated (Liriope muscari variegated white)

An appealing looking, easy to grow and care for, this grass has become very popular in recent years. Liriope looks like a larger version of Mondo grass. Sometimes called Lily turf, this grass is an evergreen perennial plant with neat clumps of strappy, variegated grass like leaves and in late summer produces a profusion of small grape like white flowers clustered along upright flower spikes.Read More >

Lomandra Easy As (Lomandra Longifolia Easy As)

This Lomandra is a variety that is super tough, drought hardy, compact, evergreen, a native grass that will thrive where most other plants won't. A good choice for a low maintenance garden. It grows from underground rhizomes. Frost hardy, even flood tolerant. It has a symmetrical shape with narrow, upright, slightly pendulous, strong foliage.Read More >

Lomandra longifolia (Lomandra longifolia)

A popular plant for use as an accent in gardens, where the rush like foliage contrasts well with broad leaved plants. Flowers in Spring bearing clusters of cream coloured strongly perfumed flowers. A very adaptable Australian native grass.Read More >