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African Box (Myrsine africana)

The most popular hedging plant on our nursery. This is an upright, evergreen shrub grown for its glossy, aromatic, dark green foliage. A medium perennial plant which is low maintenance.Read More >

Magnolia Kay Parris (Magnolia Grandiflora Kay Parris)

A beautiful evergreen Magnolia with glossy dark green foliage and large fragrant white flowers. From the USA, Kay Parris is an excellent small tree specimen. Compact and upright it has pointed leaves that have waved margins and a stunning coppery velvet underside. Flowering when young it has a gorgeous, highly fragrant 18cm white flowers from December to May and longer in warm climates.Read More >

Magnolia Little Gem (Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem)

One of our most popular plants, Little Gem is a semi-dwarf evergreen variety of Magnolia. Little Gem features glossy leaves which are green above, rusty red beneath. In summer an abundance of large perfumed creamy white flowers are produced.Read More >

Magnolia Teddy Bear (Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear)

Teddy bear is a very compact grower with an upright, conical habit with small to medium, shiny, dark green oval leaves. The leaf back is reddish brown and heavily felted. When the plants are 3-4 years old they produce flowers from November to May. These lovely fragrant flowers are 150-200mm wide.Read More >

Metrosideros Dalese (Metrosideros Tomentosa Dalese)

Dalese is an exciting new release evergreen shrub. Its dwarf habit, foliage colour and hardiness make it a perfect choice in the garden. It has small red flowers in summer. It is also part of the family known as New Zealand Christmas BushRead More >

Murraya Paniculata (Murraya paniculata)

An evergreen rounded shrub with rich green,aromatic foliage. During Summer it bears a mass of highly perfumed white flowers. Several flushes of flowers may occur during the year, after flowering orange/scarlet fruits like tiny citrus may appear. It is a moderate grower and attracts bees and birds to the garden. Sometimes called a Mock Orange tree or Orange Jessamine because of the orange scented flowers.Read More >