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Apricot Tree (Prunus armeniaca)

We have 3 varieties of Dwarf Apricot available at times, Tilton, Trevatt and Bulida. Each has been around in Australia for many years. Tilton has large orange fruit and bright orange flesh which harvests around February. The fruit is firm and slightly oval in shape. Medium to high chilling means it can be grown in most temperate regions of Australia. It is a versatile variety and is ideal for canning or preserving as well as eating fresh. This variety is self-fruitful and is a moderately productive variety which means it will require staking. A low maintenance tree for confined spaces because of the dwarfing tree size. Trevatt produces large, round, pale skinned apricots with a red tinge to the skin, the flesh is an orange colour. It crops in Dec/Jan and is a naturally heavy cropper so thinning is recommended. It is a low to medium chill variety so also can be grown in most temperate regions of Australia. This variety is self fruitful and is a prolific bearer which means it will require staking. It can be used for stewing, dried fruit, making jams or eaten fresh. Good for confined spaces also. Bulida is known for its large, golden, orange fruit in early to mide Dec just in time for Xmas. The fruit is firm, very sweet and juicy. Medium chilling makes it a variety which can be grown also in most regions of Australia. It is versatile and can be used for stewing, dried fruit, making jams and eating fresh. It is self fruitful and a prolific bearer of fruit so will require staking. Low maintenance tree suitable for contained spaces also.Read More >

Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix Roebelenii)

Also known as Pygmy Date Palm this is a popular plant used in Tropical gardens. It is the smallest variety of the Date Palm family and is origionally from Asia. Slow growing and long lived. It can produce flowers and black berries as it ages. Be careful when trimming it, as it has sharp spiky fronds.Read More >

Flowering Plum (Prunus)

Lovely specimen trees for the garden. Considered to offer the most spectacular spring blossom of the non fruiting ornamental trees. Generally they are very hardy, adaptable and very popular deciduous trees here in WA.  Masses of rose-pink-white flowers bloom in Spring followed by the new foliage of coppery-purple, then turning bronze-green. Oakville Crimson Spire is more of an upright shape, growing 6m high by 2m wide, Nigra grows wider, Blireana has beautiful double pink flowers and Purple Jewel a newer variety, has larger leaves with wine red topped leaves and soft blue undersides.Read More >

Ornamental Pear tree (Pyrus Calleryana 'Chanticleer' and Pyrus Calleryana 'Bradford')

Highly ornamental deciduous trees providing masses of Spring blossom and Autumn colour. Chanticleer has a dense upright habit. It has small inedible fruit and greyish brown bark. Bradford has glossy, rounded leaves, a pyramidal shape and is a moderate to fast grower. Both turn shades of gold, reddish-orange and purple in Autumn. Masses of white flowers smother the tree in Spring. Hardy and disease resistant trees. Capital is another popular variety which is columnar and compact, growing 11m high by 3m wide. Its leaves change from dark green to reddish purple and it produces an abundance of white flowers in SpringRead More >

Pansy (Pansy)

Pansies are a popular winter annual, available in pots or punnets. They come in stunning colours, bright to pastel, plain to multi-coloured, a close relation to Violas, they look delicate but are surprisingly hardy.Read More >

Pencil Pine Green (Cupressus sempervirens var. stricta)

A well known conifer, very narrow, pencil shaped with attractive green foliage. A hardy, adaptable, long lived conifer that broadens with age.Read More >

Pittosporum – Stephens Island (Pittosporum 'Stephens Island')

An attractive evergreen medium shrub. Grows vigorously. It features mid green leaves on dark brown to black stemsRead More >

Pittosporum ‘Cut Above’ (Pittosporum 'Cut Above')

A tough and adaptable plant of the Pittosporum family. It grows vigorously 12 months of the year. A tidy plant, it features clusters of small fragrant cream flowers in Spring, that don't seed. It is able to withstand compaction, pollution, drought, poor soils, frost and coastal exposure.Read More >

Pittosporum Miss Muffett (Pittosporum tobira 'Miss Muffett')

This is a compact shrub both hardy and elegant. Its a dwarf pittosporum and its natural tufted shape makes it an ideal garden feature plant. It has fragrant small cream flowers that smell like orange blossom.Read More >

Pittosporum Rhombifolium (Pittosporum Rhomibfolium)

A popular ornamental, evergreen tree from NSW and Queensland. Bark is grey, rough and cork like, foliage is dark green, leaves long and similar to Holly leaves and it bears small white flowers in clusters from November to January which are the followed by orange berries. Its a fast grower and will attract bees, birds and butterflies to your garden. A rainforest tree and is also known as Diamond leaf Pittosporum or Queensland LaurelRead More >

Pittosporum Tasman Ruffles (Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tasman Ruffles')

This variety of Pittosporum features jade green foliage with ruffled edges which are highlighted against dark reddish black stems. It has compact growth and is low maintenance.Read More >

Polygala Dazzler (Polygala x Dalmaisiana Dazzler)

A delightful compact form of Polygala, its foliage is mid to dark green with soft oval leaves and produces attractive purple pea flowers for most of the year . Low maintenance and hardy. Sometimes known as dwarf Sweet pea shrub. We also have a dwarf variety that growns 1m by 1m available at times.Read More >

Polygala Grandiflora (Polygala myrtifolia var. grandiflora)

An evergreen. small shrub from South Africa, with twiggy branches bearing dull green leaves but for several months of the year from late Winter is bears a mass of purple, pea like flowers, so is sometimes known as the sweet pea bush. Fast growing and hardy. An easy care plant with few pests or diseases.Read More >

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata)

A decorative plant native to the dry desert regions of Mexico and Southern regions of the United States of America. A slow growing, evergreen tree with a palm like trunk, massive swollen, bottle-like base and long strappy, cascading leaves. When it matures it bears white flowers in mass in Summer followed by stems of pinkish seeds but this can take up to 10-15 years to happen and rarely does if kept inside. The flowers are scented and the birds and bees love them.Read More >

Purple Fountain grass (Pennisetum advena Rubrum)

Outstanding variety of ornamental grass producing clumps of burgundy foliage with spectacular purple fluffy plumes. Its a hardy, fast growing, graceful plant coming from parts of Asia and Australia. It grows quickly and needs little care. Its plumes can be cut and used for dried flower arrangementsRead More >

Xanadu (Philodendron Xanadu)

An evergreen low tropical shrub with a tidy compact growth habit origionally from USA, Sth America and West Indies. It has lush foliage and lobed serrated leaves. It is slow growing and doesn't need pruning.Read More >