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Rhaphiolepsis – Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis intermedia)

An evergreen, rounded shrub with shiny, dark gree, serrated leaves. In Spring and Summer large white flowers are borne that flush to pink and are followed by black berries.Read More >

Rhaphiolepsis – Snow Maiden (Rhapiolepsis indica - Snow Maiden)

An evergreen, low maintenance shrub native to China and Japan, which has a compact, upright habit. Its the dwarf variety of the popular Indian Hawthorn (Rhapiolepis intermedia) with shiny dark green foliage and pretty white, semi-double flowers that appear in Winter and Spring followed by black berries in Summer.Read More >

Rosemary – Blue (Rosmarinus officinalis)

The aromatic, narrow leaves of this Mediterranean perennial shrub have long been used to flavour various dishes. Over the warmer months delicate blue flowers appear. Has aromatic evergreen, needle like foliage. In Australia it signifies remembrance particularly on Anzac Day.Read More >

Rosemary ‘Tuscan Blue’ (Rosemarinus 'Tuscan Rosemary')

An attractive small shrub with fine aromatic leaves that are often a sort after accompaniment in various forms of cooking. Has a profusion of lavender blue flowers that spot flower during the year depending on when it has been pruned. It has erect branches of green glossy leaves and is a tough shrub that puts up with a great deal of heatRead More >

Rosemary Savor (Rosmarinus officinalis Savor)

A beautiful, fragrant shrub, with grey-green aromatic leaves and light blue to white flowers. It has a compact, upright habit and flowers from Spring through to Summer.Read More >