Zamia furfuracea

Common Name : Cardboard Palm

Plant Description

A slow growing exotic plant originating from Mexico. Although not a palm its growth habit is similar therefore its commonly known as a Cardboard Palm. It belongs to a primitive plant family called Cycads. It is at home in tropical to hot climates. Easy to care for. Much desired in modern day architectural gardens

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesIn a pot or patio area
  • Water RequirementsOnce established it can store moisture in its partly underground trunk which helps it through drought times
  • Plant availabilityNot available at present
  • PositionLight shade
  • Height / Width1m high by 2m wide
  • CareProtect from mid-day sun. Is frost tender
  • SoilFertile moist free draining soil or Premium Potting mix if in a container