Carex pshimensis 'Evergreen'

Common Name : Carex Evergreen

Plant Description

Carex Evergreen is a stylish, low growing, mounded grass which is easy to grow, is reliable and low maintenance. It is a lush, green, ornamental grass with a weeping habit.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesSuperb used as a groundcover, cascading out of a pot, planted in groups as borders. Ideal to plant underneath or around trees. Can be used to effect in Mediterranean, Tropical or Formal styled gardens. Suitable for a living, green wall installation.
  • Water RequirementsTolerates dry periods once established. Moderate watering needs.
  • Plant availabilityNot available
  • PositionPart sun to part shade, needs protection in hot easterly winds.
  • Height / Width45 cm high by 45 cm wide
  • CareApply a controlled release fertiliser at planting. Frost tolerant to -15
  • SoilWell drained soil