Carex oshimensis Everoro

Common Name : Carex Everoro

Plant Description

An ornamental grass that provides a colourful display of variegated foliage that naturally cascades. Its leaves are green and gold striped. It has a mounded habit and is very hardy, tolerating dry and saturated conditions. provides all year round colour in both sun and shade.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGarden groundcover, good in group plantings for a great visual effect. Ideal for planting under shrubs and trees or as a garden border. Stunning pot plant specimen. Good for courtyard and patio areas. Used in Mediterranean, Tropical and Formal styled garden designs.
  • Water RequirementsAverage watering needs. Water adequately to establish.
  • Plant availabilityNot available
  • PositionSun to part shade
  • Height / Width50cm high by 50cm wide
  • CareFrost tolerant. Low maintenance. Apply a controller release fertilser at planting. Trim if necessary.
  • SoilWell drained soil.