Common Name : Frangipani

Plant Description

A deciduous medium sized tree with large dark green leaves borne on fleshy branches. Beautiful perfumed flowers in summer. We grow white, pink, red and Tri-coloured varieties. They are tough and can take heat, drought and neglect. Native to South America. Well behaved root system, bark is grey green and scaly, marks formed when the leaves drop in winter leaving small semi-circle marks on the bark. Flowers are waxy and appear in clusters at the end of the branches.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGardens or pots, good for Tropical garden themes, can be used in bouquets.
  • Water RequirementsKeep dry in Winter when plant is leafless. Tolerates dryness. Water moderately in Summer especially when tree is young, twice a week is adequate.
  • Plant availability4 varieties available now, Pink, White, Red and Tri-colour
  • PositionFull sun to part shade. Need at least 6 hours a day of sunshine for best results
  • Height / WidthCan grow from 3 mtrs to 5-6 mtrs depending on how close to the equator the area is, can grow as wide as high
  • CareStem tips can be cut to induce branching. Respond well to pruning. Don't like their root system wet and cold and may rot. Don't leave potted plants sitting in a saucer which fills with water. Keep mulch away from under the tree as they like hot, baking sun on their roots. Don't feed in dormancy. Feed occasionally with a liquid fish or seaweed solution and potash will help flowering. They like regular, gentle fertilisers such as Blood and Bone or a slow release fertiliser applied three times a year. Requires shelter from frost and cold winds.
  • SoilPrefers well drained soil, surprisingly tolerant of many soils