Liriope muscari variegated white

Common Name : Liriope variegated

Plant Description

An appealing looking, easy to grow and care for, this grass has become very popular in recent years. Liriope looks like a larger version of Mondo grass. Sometimes called Lily turf, this grass is an evergreen perennial plant with neat clumps of strappy, variegated grass like leaves and in late summer produces a profusion of small grape like white flowers clustered along upright flower spikes.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGood as path edging, shady borders, containers, mass planting or as a groundcover. Looks good in cottage gardens, Japanese, Balinese, even Contemporary gardens.
  • Water RequirementsTolerates cold, frost and drought conditions once established. Water regularly more through dry periods and every day for 2-3 weeks when first planted out
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionCan be grown in sun but prefers part shade.
  • Height / Width60cm high by 45cm wide
  • CareThin out from time to time. protect from snails. Trim back old foliage in early Spring if required.
  • SoilMoist, Well drained soil