Lomandra Longifolia Easy As

Common Name : Lomandra Easy As

Plant Description

This Lomandra is a variety that is super tough, drought hardy, compact, evergreen, a native grass that will thrive where most other plants won't. A good choice for a low maintenance garden. It grows from underground rhizomes. Frost hardy, even flood tolerant. It has a symmetrical shape with narrow, upright, slightly pendulous, strong foliage.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesCoastal, general home gardens and Native gardens. Any site that needs soil stabilisation. Roadside plantings, median strips and verges. Looks great when mass planted,
  • Water RequirementsWaterwise once established
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionFull sun to part shade. Not suited to tropical zones.
  • Height / Width50 cm - 1 m high by 1 m wide
  • CareFeed with a complete controlled release fertiliser once a year to ensure strong growth. You can trim the plant to any size, even cut back to ground level after which it will re-shoot from its underground root system.
  • SoilGrows in a range of soils from sandy to clay.