Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem

Common Name : Magnolia Little Gem

Plant Description

One of our most popular plants, Little Gem is a semi-dwarf evergreen variety of Magnolia. Little Gem features glossy leaves which are green above, rusty red beneath. In summer an abundance of large perfumed creamy white flowers are produced.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesMakes a valuable hedge plant as well as a specimen plant for lawns and shrubberies. A decorative plant for containers
  • Water RequirementsBenefits from summer watering, keep moist.
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionSunny to part shaded position
  • Height / Width4-5m high by 2.5m wide
  • CareRemove spent flowers to encourage new growth and more flowers
  • SoilWell drained soil