Arthropodium cirratum

Common Name : New Zealand Rock Lily

Plant Description

An attractive, evergreen, hardy perennial originally from New Zealand, with clumps of broad, green, strap-like foliage which has a blue hue and from late Spring through to mid Summer it has clusters of white/cream star-shaped flowers which are borne upon long airy stems above the foliage. Foliage looks good all year round. Also known as NZ Rock Lily or Renga lilies. Flower heads are short but large. We also grow at times 3 different varieties of Arthropodium, one is called White Knight, which has white/purple/yellow wispy starry flowers, its leaves are broad and shiny, taller and has more slender stems. Another variety is called Te Puna which is a dainty, dwarf rock lily with white flowers and also Matapouri Bay which has soft pink buds that open to white star shaped flowers.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGood for Coastal conditions, under trees, on banks, mass planting, as a ground cover, Poolside, Borders, Tropical, Cottage, Contemporary, Mediterranean and Oriental garden themes.
  • Water RequirementsVery low water requirement once established. Drought tolerant.
  • Plant availabilityTe Puna and Matapouri Bay varieties available
  • PositionFull sun to part shade
  • Height / Width60-100 cm high by 75 cm wide for Matapouri Bay, 50cm-1m high by 50cm-1m wide for White Knight and 40cm high by 50cm wide for Te Puna
  • CareFrost tender. Protect from snails. Mulch well around plant to help conserve soil moisture.
  • SoilTolerates most soil types. Grows best in well drained, moist fertile soil