Common Name : Strawberries

Plant Description

Delicious sweet fruit borne over several months. A favourite in summer, especially with children who love picking them fresh from  the plant. Attractive flowers and lush green leaves. Plants are more productive in the first year so its best to replace plants yearly.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesPots or garden beds
  • Water RequirementsRequire plenty of water, every day when they start to fruit, but don't like wet leaves. Its important to have constant regular watering. Try to water early morning, and do not water the leaves in direct sunlight or they will burn.
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionOpen sunny position but need protection from the hot afternoon rays in Summer
  • Height / WidthDepends on the variety
  • CareFortnightly sprays with seaweed fertiliser helps. Insects like Slaters, Snails, animals like Possums, Rats and dogs and Birds can be a problem, they can get to fruit before you do! so protect fruit by using netting or by growing the plants in a container off the ground. Good airflow around plants can help to reduce fungal attacks. To keep area weed free and keep soil temperature down, put mulch around. Some plants will send off runners which will root and form new plants that can be separated to make new plants.
  • SoilGarden beds should have manure and compost well worked through the soil