Aechmea Gamosepala

Common Name : Bromeliad – variegated

Plant Description

An evergreen, variegated variety of Bromeliad called Lucky Stripes or Matchstick, this exotic, tropical plant is classed as semi-epiphytic which means it can be attached to a tree trunk, driftwood or bark. Also it can just be planted in a container or even in the ground. It clumps, can be divided and spreads by runners from the mother plant. It produces fabulous looking flower blooms, in colours of Pink and Purple which look like coloured matchsticks along the stem, hence its nick name. The flowers last a long time which are then followed by ornamental berries. The foliage is green with outer margins of cream/lemon and the foliage is wide and slender. Native to Argentina and Brazil.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesA perfect Tropical garden plant. Indoor, Patio or Rockery plant
  • Water RequirementsDon't let dry out, always make sure it has water in the centre of its rosette. It likes misting.
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionWill grow underneath tall plants that can protect it and provide the humid conditions it thrives on. Part shade, filtered light.
  • Height / Width30cm high by 50 cm wide
  • CareIn its native environment it feeds from falling leaves that decay and becomes it natural food source but in the home garden you can feed a liquid food at half strength. Propagate by cutting pups off with a sharp knife. Frost tender.
  • SoilWell draining soil