Common Name : Princess Lilies

Plant Description

Also known as the Peruvian lily or Inca lily these plants are from Sth America origionally.They are an exotic stunning flower popular in bouquets or as cut flowers in a vase. The colours range from pink, lavender, purple, white, yellow, red and orange. They flower mostly in spring and summer. Multiply and spread slowly by underground rhizome like tubers. Have soft green foliage till the end of the season when they go into dormancy. Dome shaped.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGood additions to garden beds or pots. Borders and mass planting.
  • Water RequirementsPlenty of regular watering during growing season
  • Plant availabilityNot available
  • PositionLove sun or part shade
  • Height / Width1.2 high by 30cm wide
  • CareCut off old flower stems. Mulch around but not on top of. Protect from snails and slugs. If you let them dry out the leaves turn yellow and they stop producing flower if they get too hot. Don't like frosts. Can be divided and replanted easily. Need a good level of fertilising. Protect from hot Westerly Summer sun.
  • SoilLove well drained soil