Introducing New Plants


Take a look at these fantastic new release plants called Gaillarida Galyas!
As you can see they come in many forms, but all are plants that beckon you to stop and admire them.
Some of the varieties pictured are  ‘Blazing Sun’, ‘Cornetto Yellow’, Cornetto Flame’, Yellow Spark,  ‘Red Spark’ and ‘Coral Spark’
We are excited to be able to offer these new plants to our customers.
Attractive in pots or garden beds and are reasonably priced.
Out of stock at present


We are offering a new range of the ever popular Dahlias. A variety called ‘Hypnotica’  was released from Propagation Australia and we are happy to be able to grow these new beauties and have them available for purchase from our nursery. They come in a variety of colours from Orange, Apricot, Pink, Cerise, White, Gold, Yellow and sometimes two colours mixed. They are vigorous growers with heavy foliage, well branched and plenty of flowers which stand just above the foliage. They flower through the warmer months and are in full bloom now. There flowers are big and bright held above compact plants.Ideal for patios pots, Indoors or outdoors.
As well as the ‘Hypnotica’ range we also are trialing the ‘Aztec’ variety which are taller growers, good for cutting. Staking and tying these taller varieties will keep them from falling if they are in a windy spot.
Sorry these have now finished for the season 🙁


New to our growing yards are these new varieties of Osteospermum’s called ‘Daisy Chain’ a recent selection from Propagation Australia.
The daisy like flowers are displayed over compact plants for long periods during the warmer months. 
Colours you can select from include mixtures of purples, whites, creams, coppers, and pinks.
They are fantastic in hanging baskets as shown in the above picture.
Large and continuous flowering ensures a long season display. Also great as a ground cover or cascading from containers.
Not available at the moment


We have been growing a new range of New Guinea Impatiens. One variety is called the ‘Magnum’ range, they are robust, strong growing and produce enormous flower heads throughout the warmer months, in a lovely array of  colours. The other range we have available is called ‘Harmony Radiance’ which have showy, bright bi-coloured flowers. They are compact bushy plants. Ideal for patio pots and shaded areas.
These are very reasonably priced and delivered fresh from our shadehouses direct to the nursery.
Out of stock presently


We are delighted to be able to provide a new range of Perennial Petunias to our customers. 
These have proved very popular and sell out very quickly.
The Calibrachoa hybrid range are a compact trailing range, ideal for hanging baskets, ground covers and patio pots.
Flowers open early in the morning from Spring through to Late Autumn.
The ‘Littletunia’ and ‘Potunia’ range have a wide selection of striking colours, among them are the varieties  ‘Cab Sav’ a deep pink, ‘Blue Jeans’ a mauve with dark violet veins and striped Cerise and White called Lollipops, these three have been extremely popular. 
Available now


Just in time for Mothers Day, an old favourite, lovely Chrysanthemums have arrived on the nursery. They come in a great array of colours including Gold, Yellow, White, Pink, Burgundy, Orange and some two toned. Flowers can be singular or double and are all the dwarf variety. So reasonable priced and in full bloom. They are long flowering and can be kept inside for a few weeks to enjoy then can be planted outside. Giving them a liquid fertiliser every 4-6 weeks will keep them producing flowers.

Now finished for this season




Winter and Spring are brightened up with Kalanchoes, they are just coming into full flower and with a great range of bright colours, both double and single blooms they stand out when many other plants go dormant. They are hardy with a succulent like leaf and flower for ages. This year we have a stunning array of colours from White, Lemon, Red, Orange and Pink.

A compact plant, perfect to keep in pots on the patio or planted out in the garden, even keep inside for a little while. Once they have finished flowering for the season, they stay green, then this time next year, they will start flowering once more. Easy to care for, don’t need alot of watering and easy to propagate into new plants. The leaves are green and have scalloped edges with the dainty star shaped flowers opening in clusters that are long lasting.

Available now




We have some lovely new varieties of Diascia this year. These delicate and dainty plants origionally from Southern Africa are all in bloom at the moment and we have an array of pretty flowers for you to choose from. They flower from Spring right through to Autumn, a long blooming period. The foliage is soft and green. The flower is similar to a snapdragon if we had to choose a comparison flower. Colours range from dark Pink, light Pink, Apricot, White, Yellow, Purple, Orange and mixes.

Low maintenance plants, they just need a light and regular fertiliser and can be cut back after the first flowering and will re bloom. Water well to establish and keep moist. Perfect for use in Cottage gardens, great in Pots and Hanging baskets, also look good in garden beds as borders or single plantings. Best in morning sun. 

Sorry the crop has all sold out for the moment