Behind the Scenes

Growing shed (2) Growing Shed (3) Growing Shed

We place a lot of importance in providing customers with a high standard of plants to purchase, that are clean, fresh, healthy and of excellent quality.

To do this, we employ a large team of experienced staff, each specialising in a certain process.

1. Propagating

2. Tubing

3. Seeding

4. Tissue Culture

5. Potting

6. Cleaning and Weeding

7. Pricing and Staking

8. Stocking Nursery

9.Truck deliveries

Plants are grown from seed, division, tissue culture and by cuttings.

We have company trucks out on the road for our landscape deliveries.

We purchase bulk supplies of Mulch, Compost and Manures and mix our own bagged products.

The surrounding acres of land hold many glasshouses full of plants growing in ideal temperatures.

We keep up with the latest technologies available and now grow many plants from tissue culture. Tissue culture is the production of plants in sterile containers that allows them to be moved with greatly reduced chances of transmitting diseases and pests. Its a process that involves exposing the plant to a dedicated series of nutrients, hormones and lights, under sterile in vitro conditions to produce many new plants, each a clone of the original mother plant over a very short period of time, thus plants are more disease free, having a healthy root system, bushier branching habit and a high survival rate.

We have developed our own new varieties of plants which are registered and known as PVR plants (Plant variety rights) cultivated right here in Landsdale, as we are interested in the development and release of new plants to our customers.

PropogatingPropogating (2) - Copy





Planting Tissue CulturePropogating (4)





Seeding Machine (2) Seeding Machine






Tissue Culture (2) Tissue Culture (3)





Tissue Culture

Potting Machine Pots






Cleaning stock Weeding (2)





Cleaning and Weeding

Loading stockLoading Stock onto Nursery





Pricing, Staking and Stocking Nursery

Watering Stock (2)





Watering freshly planted stock






Truck delivery