Strelitzia Reginae and Nicolai

Common Name : Bird of Paradise

Plant Description

A tough evergreen flowering plant that has very showy flowers in Spring of rich gold with blue markings and continue through to Autumn. A native of Sth Africa and also known as the Crane flower because it resembles a bright coloured bird in flight. Classed as one of the most beautiful exotic flowers. Its foliage is long, green, hard and waxy. There are 2 main varieties available, on being the smaller growing Reginae which flowers orange and purple and the large growing Nicolai whose flowers are white with purple.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesAttractive landscape plant. Can also grow in a pot. Long lasting cut flower or in a floral display. Fantastic to use in a Tropical or Balinese inspired garden design
  • Water RequirementsWatering can be reduced once established
  • Plant availabilityNicolai variety available now
  • PositionOpen sunny position
  • Height / Width1.5-2 m high by 1 m wide for Reginae and 6 m high by 3.5m wide for Nicolai
  • CareLiquid feed. Can be divided but that may set flowering back for a year or so. Mulch regularly around the plant to keep roots moist and protected. Remove dead flowers to tidy up plant
  • SoilPeat based Premium Potting Mix