Citrus Trees

Common Name : Citrus Trees

Plant Description

We have a selection of Citrus trees all year round. Most of our Citrus are 2 years old and around a metre tall, sometimes we can obtain larger trees that are 5 years old also. Please call the Garden Centre to check availability, as they sell out so quickly. We carry large growing fruit trees, dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. Lemons, Mandarins, Oranges, Grapefruit, Limes, Cumquats, and Lemonade are very popular. We are able to source some unusual varieties at times too like Blood Orange, Limoncello, Pummelo,  Kusaie Lime, Finger Limes, Sunrise Limes, Buddhas Hand and Orange Pineapple. They are evergreen and have scented flowers producing a beautiful fragrance.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesThe dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties are perfect for pots. Fruit, leaves and skin can be used for Juicing, Eating, Cooking, Baking, Medicinal purposes and other uses in and around the home. Good source of Vitamin C. Can be Hedged, Espaliered, Pleached or planted in a general garden bed as a feature, even made into a topiary.
  • Water RequirementsNeed water regularly so they don't dry out, which stresses their fruit production. More watering needed for potted specimens. Use a wetting agent for plants in pots. Insufficient water will result in poor growth, fruit drop and bitter tasting fruit.
  • Plant availabilityMost varieties available now unless sold out. Phone to check.
  • PositionWarm, sheltered, Full sun away from cold winds
  • Height / WidthVaries according to which variety you have. Semi-dwarf grow generally 2 to 2.5m high and dwarf grow 1.5 to 2m high
  • CareUse an organic based fertiliser like Sheep Manure in Spring and Summer. Citrus are heavy feeders they require regular feeding for optimal fruiting and growth. Liquid food can be used for potted Citrus trees. Stake young trees if in a windy position. Cover with mulch as their roots are close to the surface. Watch out for the pest Citrus Leaf Miner. When pruning citrus remember to remove all shoots from below the graft. Yellow leaves often means the tree needs magnesium.
  • SoilThey need good drainage so ensure water is not running off and they have rich soil.