Euphorbia milii

Common Name : Crown Of Thorns

Plant Description

A semi succulent like evergreen, woody, tough plant that has spiny sharp stems and long lasting vibrant, showy coloured flowers in mainly Pinks, Reds, Lemon and Whites from Spring through Summer. Can be multi-stemmed, its leaves are green and it flowers on the new growth.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesLovely tropical plant. Usually kept in Pots on a verandah or patio. Will grow indoors by a sunny window.
  • Water RequirementsSomewhat drought resistant. Do not let plant sit on a saucer of water as it may rot. Water once a week in warm months, once a month when dormant in Winter.
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionSunny spot with at least 3-4 hours sunlight.
  • Height / Width60cm high but can be kept smaller by pruning.
  • CareCan tolerate occasional neglect... Its thick stems store water so it can develop to become somewhat drought tolerant. The plant is poisonous if eaten and the sap can cause skin irritations. Poisonous to pets. Clear away any dead leaves, and allow soil to dry between watering to prevent rot. Repot every 2 years. Mist leaves in hot weather. Leaves may drop if the plant becomes stressed from either over or under watering, with alot of humidity or quick temperature changes
  • SoilCacti or Succulent mix is ideal. Quick draining soil