Coleonema pulchrum

Common Name : Diosma

Plant Description

An easy care shrub for the garden bred to withstand the harsh Australian sun. Masses of star-shaped flowers cover the bush for 8-10 weeks in late Winter and Spring. Does not harm pipes or paths. Fragrant flowers and foliage. It is native to the Cape Province of South Africa. There are various types, White, Pink and Red flowering and Green, Gold or Lemon foliaged.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesCan be used as a soft clipped hedge or mass planting. Good for coastal regions
  • Water RequirementsGood drainage needed. Water well in dry periods
  • Plant availability3 varieties available, the lemon foliaged plant and Pink and White flowering varieties
  • PositionFull sun.
  • Height / Width Pink to 1- 2m Red to 2m Gold to 75cm Lemon to 75cm and White 1.2m
  • CareFertilise with a balanced plant food. Mulch well. Once established, give a light trim to shape after flowering. If left unpruned it can become rangy. In shady areas the plant will not flower as well. Frost hardy.
  • SoilTolerates most well drained soil types