Common Name : Flowering Plum

Plant Description

Lovely specimen trees for the garden. Considered to offer the most spectacular spring blossom of the non fruiting ornamental trees. Generally they are very hardy, adaptable and very popular deciduous trees here in WA.  Masses of rose-pink-white flowers bloom in Spring followed by the new foliage of coppery-purple, then turning bronze-green. Oakville Crimson Spire is more of an upright shape, growing 6m high by 2m wide, Nigra grows wider, Blireana has beautiful double pink flowers and Purple Jewel a newer variety, has larger leaves with wine red topped leaves and soft blue undersides.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesGreat avenue plants or feature trees.
  • Water RequirementsWater in well and keep soil moist until trees are established
  • Plant availabilityOakville Crimson Spire available now
  • PositionFull sun
  • Height / WidthNigra 5m high by 4m wide Crimson Spire 6m high by 2m wide, Purple Jewel 5m high, Blireana 4m high by 4 m wide
  • CareFertilise when planting and again when new growth appears. Prune to shape if necessary.
  • SoilWell drained soil