Murraya paniculata

Common Name : Murraya Paniculata

Plant Description

An evergreen rounded shrub with rich green,aromatic foliage. During Summer it bears a mass of highly perfumed white flowers. Several flushes of flowers may occur during the year, after flowering orange/scarlet fruits like tiny citrus may appear. It is a moderate grower and attracts bees and birds to the garden. Sometimes called a Mock Orange tree or Orange Jessamine because of the orange scented flowers.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesCan be grown as an ornamental tree or makes a great looking hedge. Also useful as a container plant and could be made into a standard
  • Water RequirementsConstant summer watering
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionSunny to partly shaded position
  • Height / Width3m high by 3m wide
  • CareResponds well to pruning and shaping. Feed with a complete fertiliser in Spring. Mulch is helpful
  • SoilPrefers rich, moist, well drained soil