Common Name : Pansy

Plant Description

Pansies are a popular winter annual, available in pots or punnets. They come in stunning colours, bright to pastel, plain to multi-coloured, a close relation to Violas, they look delicate but are surprisingly hardy.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesHanging baskets, garden beds, great for pots and window boxes
  • Water RequirementsRegular watering during dry weather
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now as seedlings
  • PositionSunny spot in Winter, light shade as the weather gets hotter
  • Height / Width20cm high by 10cm wide
  • CareToo much food will make them leggy so monthly foliage feeding would be desirable. Watch out for slugs, snails and aphids during rain
  • SoilCompost and a small dose of well rotted animal manure through the soil is good but make sure the roots don't come in contact with the manure