Rhapiolepsis indica - Snow Maiden

Common Name : Rhaphiolepsis – Snow Maiden

Plant Description

An evergreen, low maintenance shrub native to China and Japan, which has a compact, upright habit. Its the dwarf variety of the popular Indian Hawthorn (Rhapiolepis intermedia) with shiny dark green foliage and pretty white, semi-double flowers that appear in Winter and Spring followed by black berries in Summer.

Plant Specifications

  • Plant UsesExcellent as cut flowers. Good in general garden beds, mass plantings, as a low hedge, in ornamental pots, around pools or on patios. Tolerates strong winds and good as a coastal plant.
  • Water RequirementsWater well till established but is then able to tolerate dry conditions.
  • Plant availabilityAvailable now
  • PositionFull sun and partial shade but the best flowers are produced in full sun.
  • Height / Width75 cm high by 50 cm wide
  • CareBest to remove berries to promote heavier flowering next year. Mulch well. Fertilise in Spring/Summer. Prune to shape after flowering. Will tolerate frosts. Dislikes root disturbance.
  • SoilHardy and adaptable in most soil types but prefers enriched, well drained soils.